Senin, 13 September 2010

The film follows a group of young Muslim men living in Sheffield who become radicalised and decide to become suicide bombers. Two members of the group, Omar (Riz Ahmed) and Waj (Kayvan Novak), go to a terrorist training camp in Pakistan.The other two are Barry (Nigel Lindsay), who is a convert to Islam, and Faisal (Adeel Akhtar), who tries to train crows to be bombers. A fifth member, Hassan (Arsher Ali), is recruited by Barry while Omar and Waj are in Pakistan. Faisal accidentally kills himself during a training exercise. The film culminates in the remaining four trying to blow themselves up at the London Marathon.

Dated Released : 7 May 2010
Quality : DVDRip
Info :
Lihat : Trailer
Starring : Benedict C, Kayvan Novak, Nigel Lindsay
Genre : Comedy | Drama
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