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Dated Released : 2009

Quality : DVDRip
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Starring : Tatyana Kanavka, Michael Arata, Shannon Elizabeth
Genre : Horror

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Download Files: part1 - part2 - part3 [300MB-mkv]|eu
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The movie opens in 1925, with scenes of gore and demons. Evangeline Broussard prepares to hang herself from her balcony when she is stopped by a man trying to reassure her that he is truly Louis and that she shouldn’t hang herself. Evangeline calls him a liar, then jumps, hanging herself to death also causing her head to rip off and bounce down the stairs. Louis stares over the balcony as his eyes switch to a demonic shade of orange. The film then cuts to modern day, where Angela Feld (Shannon Elizabeth) is preparing for her Halloween party at the Broussard mansion, stating that if the party doesn't go well she’ll be forced out onto the streets.

As everyone prepares for the party, Colin (Edward Furlong) approaches the den of the drug lord Nigel. After being threatened, Colin is told that he must sell enough drugs at Angela’s party in order to pay double what he normally gets or die. Colin attempts to enter the party, only to have to bribe his way in. Inside the party Lily (Diora Baird) runs into her ex-boyfriend Dex (Michael Copon), later reuniting in one of the abandoned upstairs bedrooms. Maddie (Monica Keena) notices that Colin is there selling drugs, but decides against approaching him or alerting Angela that he was there. Suzanne (Bobbi Sue Luther) asks Maddie why she dated Colin, to which Maddie replies that she hoped that she could change him and that he was good in bed. Maddie then enters one of the house’s bathrooms and is attacked by a hand reaching through the mirror. When she attempts to show the broken mirror to one of her friends, the mirror appears to be unbroken. They decide it was an elaborate prank set by Angela.

After a while the party is broken up by the local police, stating that Angela neglected to get a party permit and that it doesn't qualify as a private party since she was charging admission. Panicked, Colin stuffs his drugs into a grate to hide it from the police. Madie, Lily, Dex and Jason leave, returning when they cannot locate Suzanne, who passed out. Colin begs Angela for the keys to the basement in order to retrieve the drugs, which she reluctantly agrees to. While down in the basement Colin and Angela explore. Angela remarks that the house is full of hidden rooms, including a tunnel that leads to the next estate over. The two discover a hidden room which contains six skeletons. Angela excitedly shows it to the remaining revelers, assuming that the skeletons are the remains of the missing party guests of Evangeline Broussard.

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