Senin, 29 Agustus 2011

Brodi goes to stay with his grandfather (Donnelly Rhodes) while his mother is at a conference. He is an ex-marine who runs a tight ship, declaring that Marley must be kept under control. However, Marley doesn't agree with the terms and procedes to chew his way through the entire house. Frustrated with Marley's behaviour, Brodi takes him for a walk to run off his excess energy, meeting Kaycee (Sydney Imbeau) who is out walking her Pugs, The Barkinators. When Brodi explains his dilemma to Kaycee, she tells him about the neighbourhood puppy contest in which the puppies must do a series of obstacle courses.

Hoping to win so she can help with her family's animal shelter, Kaycee encourages Brodi to enter. She even tells him about Mrs. Crouch's (Merrilyn Gann) puppies, so Brodi would have the necessary three puppies to enter. Excited, Brodi acquires the additional puppies and builds an obstacle course in his grandfather's backyard.

Dated Released : 1 June 2011
Quality : BRRip 720p BluRay x264-SEMTEX
Info :
IMDB Rating : 3.5
Star : Travis Turner, Donnelly Rhodes, Merrilyn Gann
Genre : Comedy | Family
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Download Files: part1 - part2 - part3 - part4

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