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The film concerns a young lady named Amber, who dreams of escaping her small town existence. She therefore persuades her friends, Peter, Suzy and Ray to accompany her to find an apartment in the big city, Chicago. Unfortunately, the vehicle transporting Amber and her friends to Chicago breaks down and as a consequence they gratefully accept a ride in the back of a semi driven by 'blatantly untrustworthy truck driver'[3] named Bernard. However, Amber and her friends become concerned when Bernard refuses to stop and they discover that the cargo consists of hundreds of cartons of blood. Concern turns to panic and terror when Bernard 'ends up taking them into an abandoned meat-packing plant that is now a training ground for a group of bloodthirsty vampires'.[4]. The mother of the creatures, Veronica, wants them to learn how to hunt human prey and has coaxed Bernard into helping her. Amber and her friends attempt to evade the creatures in order to survive.

Dated Released : 4 September 2010
Quality : BRRip 720p.7SiNs scorp
Info :
Lihat : trailer
Starring : Ruta Gedmintas, Joshua Bowman, Perdita Weeks
Genre : Horror
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Download Files: part1 - part2 - part3 - part4

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