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Police officer Jim Kurring (John C. Reilly) is called to investigate a disturbance at the home of a woman named Marcie (Cleo King). He finds a body in her closet, but when the other police officers arrive they pay little attention to his report on the situation. A young boy, Dixon (Emmanuel Johnson) offers to help Jim with the case by performing a self-penned rap. Dixon claims that in the words of the rap he told Jim who committed the murder, but, thinking the boy is just joking, Jim ignores him.

Former TV producer Earl Partridge (Jason Robards) is in the final stages of cancer, and is being cared for by a nurse, Phil Parma (Philip Seymour Hoffman), while his young trophy wife Linda (Julianne Moore) is out collecting prescriptions for a strong dose of liquid morphine that will end his pain. Earl mentions to Phil that he has an estranged son and asks him to find him, saying his name is Frank Mackey. Phil, aware that Mackey is the author of the "Seduce And Destroy" self-help system for men, orders in some pornographic magazines, hoping to find a phone number for his self-help system in there. Frank Mackey (Tom Cruise) is giving a seminar on manipulating women into sleeping with men. As his seminar breaks for lunch, a reporter named Gwenovier (April Grace) takes him aside to interview him. He tells Gwenovier that his father is dead.

Cocaine addict Claudia Wilson (Melora Walters) is visited by her father, gameshow host Jimmy Gator (Philip Baker Hall), who tells her that he is dying of cancer. However, Claudia is enraged at the sight of him and orders him to leave her apartment. One of the young contestants of Jimmy's gameshow, "What Do Kids Know?", Stanley Spector (Jeremy Blackman) arrives at the studio with his overbearing father Rick (Michael Bowen), who encourages him only because he wants the prize money. A former champion of the show in the 1960s, Donnie Smith (William H. Macy) is now working in a appliance store and is fired by his boss, Solomon Solomon (Alfred Molina) for not making enough sales. Donnie protests, saying he needs money for his "corrective oral surgery," though Solomon tells him he has no need for braces.

Dated Released : December 25, 1999
Quality : DVDRip.XviD
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Starring : Julianne Moore, William H. Macy, Tom Cruise
Genre : Drama
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