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In present-day London, Michael Walton (Toby Regbo) visits his cousins, Walter and Oliver Page (Christopher Lee and Corin Redgrave). Michael, interested in family history, asks them about his great aunt, Anne Keyes (Romola Garai), the sister of his grandmother, Celia (Juno Temple). Anne, an actress, was the eldest of the three Keyes children; desperate for children, her father, Member of the House of Commons, Alexander (Bill Nighy) and mother, Maud (Jenny Agutter) had adopted her, however, Maud then gave birth to Ralph (Eddie Redmayne) and Celia. Michael is curious to learn what happened to Anne, which leads Walter to reminisce of the summer of 1939, at the Keyes estate in Norfolk.

On the day of Alexander's birthday, Anne has prepared a table in the garden to celebrate. Anne's friend, the outspoken MP Hector (David Tennant) and lover, the reserved Lawrence (Charlie Cox) are present for the festivities. When Alexander arrives that night, he also brings a guest, the quiet government employee, Joseph Balcombe, (Jeremy Northam). During dinner, Hector rants about Britain's lack of action against Nazi Germany, noting that while his view is unpopular, he feels that it needs to be said. It is later revealed that he has been one of those calling out for a new prime minister.

The next day, while looking for the family's missing cat, Anne finds her in one of the property's sheds, which had been off-limits due to them containing Alexander's manuscript papers. She finds gramophone records labeled "Foxtrot," which upon listening, actually contain recorded meetings and telephone conversations. Alexander reveals that he has allowed Balcombe to store government documents in the shed.

Dated Released : 20 November 2009
Quality : BRRIP 720p BluRay x264-Japhson
Info :
Runtime : 129 min
Starring : Romola Garai, Eddie Redmayne, Juno Temple
Genre : Drama | History | Romance | Thriller | War
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