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Dated Released : 8 October 2010
Quality : DVDRip
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Lihat : Trailer
Starring : Emraan Hashmi, Neha Sharma, Arjan Bajwa
Genre : Action | Drama | Thriller

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The film starts with Jai Dixit (Emraan Hashmi), a youngster who sells pirated DVDs. One day, his uncle Joseph (Gulshan Grover) caught him and changed his personality completely, he changed his name to Suraj Bhardwaj and sends him off to Australia. At the airport, he meets Romi Latti, a teenager who got a scholarship to a University College. He also meets Suhani (Neha Sharma), a young girl who has come to pick Romi up. Suraj gets attracted to Suhani, and therefore he pretends to be Romi and leaves with Suhani. When Suhani finds out that he is not the real Romi, Suraj makes a run for it. Suraj then stays with Goldie, a responsible adult living with his brothers. While Suraj is at a grocery store, on phone with his uncle Joseph, he finds that Australians are attacking the shopkeeper because he is a Muslim, so Suraj finds a gun and comes out. He has the Australians on the gunpoint as the police come. Suraj remembers that his uncle told him not to get in any type of trouble with the police, so Suraj runs away. Suraj hides in Nicole's car, although he finds out Nicole is the younger sister of the Attackers. Nicole works in a strip club named 'Duke's Club'. When Suraj has to pick between Suhani and Nicole, he picks Suhani and takes the duty to be Suhani's brother, Samarth's (Arjan Bajwa) driver. When Samarth's car breaks down, Suraj has to get help, but instead he tells Romi to go and fix his car so Suhani and Suraj can have a beautiful night together. But when they are about to kiss, Samarth shows up, and concepts that Romi has been badly beaten up by Australians on the highway and Romi and Samarth are about to protest against the Australians. When Samarth is attacked, he loses his temper and kidnaps Nicole, when Suraj goes to save Nicole, it turns out that Samarth is planning to murder Nicole and blame the murder on Suraj, and he is doing all this because his sister Sheena was also murdered by the Australians once. But when he accidentally shoots Suraj, Romi comes up behind him with a shovel and smacks it round Samarth's head and he dies. The film ends with Suhani and Suraj getting back together.

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