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Dated Released : 2010
Quality : BRRip 720p.x264-MELiTE.nitro
Info :
IMDB Rating : 3.1 (88 users)
Star : Brian Shotwell, Shy Pilgreen, Xu Razer
Genre : Sci-Fi


[BRRip 720p.x264-MELiTE.nitro|575MB-mkv]|PL
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Download Files: part1 - part2 - part3 - part4
[BRRip 720p.x264-MELiTE.nitro|575MB-mkv]|JF Single
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[BRRip 720p.x264-MELiTE.nitro|575MB-mkv]|RS Single
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On October 30, 2009 an independent filmmaker and his cast and crew are reported missing a month before the release of their controversial film predicting the end of the world. Authorities have reason to believe the film's 2012 doomsday scenario may have something to do with their disappearance. An agent for CEA (Central Extraterrestrial Agency) discovers the footage to the film and watches the film on September 10, 2012, three months before the world is to come to an end. The film is reported to star actors Brian Shotwell (Automaton), Shy Pilgreen (Echo 6), and Xu Razer (Fragments.) Here is the synopsis to the mystery film. In 2012 a devastating war between humans and aliens left the earth a nuclear wasteland. 200 years later the descendants of both civilizations have returned in search of treasure and lost artifacts. After landing their ship on the abandoned planet, three galactic thieves.

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