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Dated Released : 2011
Quality : HDTV 720p AC3-2.0.x264-SiC.nitro
Info :
IMDB Rating : 5.5 (33 users)
Star : Jordan Prentice, Kristin Adams, Art Hindle
Genre : Drama

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Harvey Lippe' works as a janitor at a small ski resort in the peculiar Northern community of WhiteFox. Standing three feet four inches and abandoned at an orphanage as a child, he has grown up angry and miserable. Now in his early twenties he lives like a hermit in a small trailer, his only friend being Lucas Harold, the town drug dealer. Lucas attended the orphanage for several months before being adopted and subsequently moved to several fosters homes. He is rough around the edges, but has a big heart and a perspective few people give home credit for. Every evening Harvey walks the same route from his trailer, several miles through farmer's fields and hillside forest to get to work. But on this day he has a run in with a stray husky, which he at first thinks is a wolf. She follows him and that night he reluctantly allows her inside his trailer. Through her he meets Dakota Dixon.

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